May 2017 Calendar

Dr. Brett Teague-Ophthalmology

(325) 673-0900


Dr. Clifford Ray- Dentistry

601 South 1st St.
Haskell, Tx 79521
(940) 864-3485

  • File ALL insurances, including Medicaid & bill the patient any balances (after deductibles & known surgery percentages have been collected).
  • Provide children’s hospital dentistry for Medicaid & self pay families, including those with special needs.
  • Provide services for adults, including nursing home residents & MHMR clients.

*Full mouth extractions & alveoplasty for adult patients.

*Accepts referrals from all area physicians, organizations & dentists who believe a hospital setting is the best option for their patients.

*Call Dr. Ray’s office for more details or to make an appointment for hospital consultation.